Aircraft Search and Acquisition Services

For over 37 years, CCI had been a leader in custom Aircraft Search and Acquisition Services.  Our expertise and experience allow us to guarantee the results you will expect from CCI.  Each engagement is individually designed to your objectives, whether buying your first aircraft or adding to your fleet.

The services we offer complement  the efforts of both the established flight department and the first time aircraft purchaser.  CCI will locate and identify the best make and model of aircraft to meet your objectives,  and provide the operating budget for a proper analysis of the real cost of ownership.  After the best suited make and model aircraft that achieves the client's objective is identified, CCI will manage and advise during all phases of the selection and purchase process.   CCI's qualified and experienced Program Managers perform the initial on-site evaluation of the candidate aircraft and its records.  CCI will prepared the Offer to Purchase and handle the negotiations for you and with coordination with your legal counsel.  From the initial appraisal of the technical status of the aircraft and confirmation of specifications, we will define the recommended work scope of the pre-purchase inspection.  CCI Program Managers will be at the pre-purchase maintenance facility to monitor and manage the inspection and test flight to protect your interests.  Essential points of assignable maintenance service plans, proper aircraft certifications or aircraft qualifications, and full rejection rights of the Purchaser are a few of the essential terms and conditions CCI will manage for your transaction protection.

At the closing of your purchase, CCI will coordinate the delivery process. CCI has 37+ years of experience working with the major aircraft lenders and can assist you in locating financing & leasing quotes.  If third party management services, charter, shared usage or alternative ownership plans are of interest to you, we can provide information, request for proposals, and recommend selection of those companies that professionally best provides these services.  Additionally, if your aircraft should require interior completion, refurbishment or equipment modernization, CCI can obtain the highest quality work for you at the leading MRO centers at our preferred customer prices.  CCI has completed and totally refurbished hundreds of aircraft, and recommendations from all of our clients are available upon request.

We encourage you to read how CCI has met and exceeded our clients' expectations. Comments from recent clients can be viewed  in the "Testimonials" section of our web site.

We believe the best measure of CCI's performance is your opinion of our services at the end of the project.  That is why we offer our clients a 100% performance guarantee on our aircraft selection and acquisition fees.

Click here to view our Aircraft Search and Acquisition Brochure for additional information.

Give us a call at 832-647-7581 when you begin to consider your next aircraft or helicopter purchase or fleet planning.  We would be pleased to provide at no obligation current market information in preparation for your acquisition process.  Feel free to use our first-hand market knowledge as a resource. We look forward to hearing from you and explaining the difference we can make in your next aircraft purchase.



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